SAGE to begin publishing Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics

SAGE today announces that it will begin publishing the Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (JERHRE) beginning July 2014.

JERHRE is the only journal in the field of human research ethics dedicated exclusively to publishing empirical research. With a focus on a wide variety of cultures and contexts, the journal fosters collaboration among the ethics research community, stimulates new research, and disseminates knowledge to foster intelligent application of ethical principles in research contexts worldwide.

“The Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics is delighted to be joining SAGE,” commented Joan Sieber, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief.  “JERHRE has grown immensely – in size, international reach, and breadth of issues examined – in its nine years of publication. It’s multi-disciplinary, multi-methodological, and multi-cultural examination of ethical practices in human research fits well with SAGE, where such applied research publication has long been fostered.”

The journal’s distinguished editorial and advisory board brings a range of expertise and international perspectives to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed original articles in its five yearly issues. These articles address important real-world ethical issues involved in researching humans in a variety of contexts.

“SAGE has a long history of publishing high-quality, scholarly outlets that focus on the human aspect of research,” said Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals Editorial, SAGE. “JERHRE is unique in that its articles use an empirical approach to analyzing ethical concerns in research, translating procedures into intelligent principles and responsible conduct along the way. We are very pleased to support this new forum for inquiry in human research ethics.”

JERHRE will continue to expand in scope as science and society develops and changes. To find out more about the journal, click here.