SAGE to launch the Journal of Connectivity November 2015

Today SAGE announced that it is to launch the Journal of Connectivity, edited by Ron Summers, Loughborough University and Zhipeng Wu, University of Manchester,in partnership with the Institute of Measurement and Control. An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access (OA) publication, the Journal of Connectivity is designed to facilitate the exploration of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things describes how in an increasingly digital world the objects of everyday life are connected together to form a network that can share data and information, and at the same time can accumulate and exploit the knowledge gained. The journal aims to provide a dynamic forum to facilitate the exchange of data, information and knowledge with respect to the application of the Internet of Things.

Ron Summers, Editor- in- Chief of the Journal of Connectivity, remarked:

“We are delighted by the launch of this journal with SAGE who, as a leading global journal publisher dedicated to disseminating high-quality, innovative research, will ensure that we substantially advance the science and practice of measurement and control technologies. With SAGE we look forward to developing the impact of this journal; facilitating learning and fueling discussion and debate within the field of connectivity and the application of the Internet of Things with engineers and scientists, researchers, practitioners, regulators, industry and government across the world.”

Karen Phillips, SAGE’s Editorial Director, further commented:

“SAGE already publishes some of the world’s leading engineering and sciences journals and we are thrilled that in our 50th year we expand our publishing program further to include theJournal of Connectivity. Since SAGE’s founding, it has been one of our core aims to ensure the widest access to high quality, cutting edge, global scholarship.  The Journal of Connectivitysupports an exciting field of research, one that we look forward to helping develop and disseminate in partnership with the leading editorial board.”

Read more about the journal here and submit a paper here.