ScienceOpen and Partners in Digital Health expand their partnership to promote Telehealth and Medicine Today

ScienceOpen and Partners in Digital Health (PDH) have expanded their collaboration to promote the  international, peer-reviewed journal, Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) in a featured collection on ScienceOpen. TMT examines the value of telehealth and clinical automation from medical, technical, policy, economic and strategic perspectives. TMT is the second PDH journal to be showcased on ScienceOpen where it joins Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY). BHTY is the world’s first peer-reviewed journal that amplifies and disseminates distributed ledger technology (DLT) research and innovations in the healthcare sector and published open access by PDH. By being integrated in the ScienceOpen platform, both journals are in the context of 65+ million scholarly records and are supported by the advanced search engine and numerous user engagement features on ScienceOpen.

Multidisciplinary stakeholders converge in TMT to address medical, technical, business and societal aspects of this growing health technology sector. The journal assists building knowledge and consensus to appropriately deploy and scale services to achieve sustainable outcomes for affordable, accessible, and quality care for health consumers around the globe. A world-class review board endeavors to offer rapid peer-review and includes constructive commentary to strengthen work. TMT is published quarterly. The journal registers original research article provenance on the blockchain for authors to have a permanent and immutable public record of their work to share with the scientific research community at TMT+ARTiFACTS RESEARCH PORTAL.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen says, “We are excited about the expansion of the PDH and ScienceOpen partnership and look forward to increasing awareness of these specialized, open access health journals, which provide a unique and necessary forum to health-related research. By promoting TMT and BHTY through the ScienceOpen channels, more people will be able to take advantage of the ScienceOpen network to further collaborate with authors and stakeholders of TMT and BHTY, accelerating research around these important topics.”

Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher of Partners in Digital Health, remarks, “We are very pleased with TMT’s market impact as its evidence-based mission is now a priority to achieve health and wellness around the globe. We’re very proud and excited to collaborate with ScienceOpen as this augments TMT’s worldwide reach to inform the marketplace with international research and reports.”

With the constantly shifting state of healthcare around the world, ScienceOpen is pleased to promote the freely accessible and high quality, evidence-based articles of TMT and BHTY to its diverse base of users. ScienceOpen and PDH hope that this collaboration will increase communication around telemedicine, Blockchain and related topics, which is now even more crucial under the current health crisis.