Sciendo Appoints Emily Poznanski as CEO, Embarking on a New Era of Academic Publishing Excellence

Sciendo is excited to announce the appointment of Emily Poznanski as its new CEO, effective April 1. Originating from Versita, a trailblazer in introducing the open access model to Europe over two decades ago, Sciendo stands at the forefront of publishing solutions. Emily Poznanski, whose career in academic publishing started at Versita, has since held significant positions within the industry. She served as the Director of Strategy at De Gruyter from 2014 to 2021 and recently as the Director of the Central European University (CEU) Press. Under her leadership at CEU Press, Emily worked to amplify critical perspectives often underrepresented on the global stage – implementing sustainable financial models, open access initiatives, and new mediums for scholarly discourse.

Emily will continue to contribute to CEU Press as a member of its advisory board as she steps into her new role at Sciendo. Frances Pinter, Executive Chair of CEU Press, said: “While we are saddened by Emily’s departure, we are pleased that she will remain with us in an advisory capacity, as our team continues with the progress achieved over the past three years.”

Jacek Ciesielski, the founder of Versita and the current CEO of Sciendo, will transition to Sciendo’s Supervisory Board. This change marks a significant moment for Sciendo as it enters a new chapter in 2024 as part of Paradigm Publishing Services, a division of De Gruyter focused on bespoke publishing solutions for academic and library communities.

Emily’s return to the De Gruyter fold as Sciendo’s CEO is seen as a milestone in her career and a transformative phase for Sciendo. With her extensive experience and forward-thinking approach, she is expected to drive the brand toward greater global prominence and innovation in academic publishing.

“I’m thrilled to return to Sciendo and take on the new role as CEO, building on my past experiences at Versita and De Gruyter and, of course, the CEU Press,” said Emily. “I look forward to working with Sciendo’s talented team to address the dynamic changes in academic publishing and enhance our offerings to the scholarly community.”

“Embracing change and fostering innovation have always been at the core of our mission,” said Steve Fallon, President of De Gruyter Inc. “With Emily stepping into her new role as CEO, we are poised to not only navigate but also lead the future of academic publishing services. Her visionary leadership and deep industry expertise are the catalysts that will drive Sciendo toward new horizons of success.”