Seminar: The Power of Partnership and Collaboration in the Publishing Industry

    Venue: Arundel House, 13-15 Arundel Street, Temple Place, London WC2R 3DX (map).

    9.30am  – 5.30pm (ending with a drinks reception)

    Chair: Tracy Gardner, Renew Publishing Consultants


    In this seminar we’ll aim to explore real examples of the strategic partnerships and innovative collaborations being forged in the publishing community to achieve economies of scale, a stronger shared infrastructure, technological innovation and push the boundaries of the publishing model. We want to answer questions such as:

    • AI, Blockchain and big data grabbing the headlines,  how can publishers and technologists partner to best take advantage of these opportunities?
    • As publishers, funders, researchers and librarians  all exist in the same ecosystem, how can we work together to make scholarly communications better?
    • In the age of consolidation and the big deal, how can smaller independent publishers and societies collaborate to compete with their larger commercial counterparts.

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