Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics selects DataSalon for easy access to business intelligence

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics have adopted DataSalon’s cloud-based service MasterVision to join together their customer data into a complete single customer view which will help generate leads, increase insight, and build global sales.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) announced today the adoption of DataSalon’s MasterVision platform in order to better understand their customer data and revenue streams and how they fit together and impact each other.

MasterVision joins up all of SIAM’s different datasets to put them into a context not available in the separate systems from which these datasets come. And because it is fully customisable to the individual publisher, MasterVision has the flexibility to include not only SIAM’s core submissions, subscriptions, sales, usage and denials data, but also additional customer data such as members, student chapters, conferences and donations.

MasterVision also enhances SIAM’s own data by offering full integration with Ringgold, which will be invaluable to SIAM when prospecting for new customers, allowing them to perform white space analysis in order to see which relevant Ringgold institutions are not customers or do not currently have a complete set of holdings.

SIAM were also attracted by the ability to load COUNTER usage and denials data into MasterVision automatically each month via SUSHI – as well as the additional information DataSalon could infer from this data, such as cost per download.

MasterVision’s user-friendly search and analytics tools empower SIAM’s sales and marketing staff to take control of their own data analysis. Now that the initial set-up is complete, DataSalon are continuing to work with SIAM to support their business use cases, for data insights, using MasterVision’s saved searches, search templates, and dashboards to make it easy for even non-technical staff to access this information.

Kivmars Bowling, Publications Director, commented: “SIAM is delighted to be working with DataSalon to help us link up our author and member data with subscriptions, usage, and denials. Previously we had these data sources in separate systems and delivering business insights was a highly manual process. MasterVision now gives us the complete 360º picture to fully understand all the different interactions and touchpoints any individual or institution may have with SIAM. This will be transformative in enabling us to better serve our communities in a much more personalized way and further deliver on the society’s mission.”

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon commented: “We’re very excited to be working with SIAM – their staff have a very clear idea of what they want to find out from their data, and it’s a pleasure to use our knowledge of scholarly publishing and our experience in creating business analysis tools to support this.”

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