Society for Neuroscience Renews Partnership with HighWire

Scholarly publishing technology provider, HighWire, is pleased to announce that the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) has once again renewed its partnership with HighWire for another two years.

HighWire has provided SfN with hosting for its flagship journal JNeurosci since 2009, adding its sister journal, eNeuro, in 2014 to support open access business models. JNeurosci and eNeuroare hosted on HighWire’s specialist journal hosting platform, JCore. HighWire also provides SfN with actionable business insight into the impact and reach of its content via its analytics platform, Vizor.

“We are glad to continue to support the Society for Neuroscience in its goal of advancing the understanding and the nervous system by supporting the sharing of great science,” said Rahul Arora, CEO of HighWire and MPS, “We look forward to supporting SfN’s evolving needs in the rapidly changing world of scholarly publishing.”

Kelly Newton, Director of Scientific Publications, said “We have been HighWire customers for over a decade. The JCore platform delivers a clean and intuitive user experience that allows our members to easily find and navigate to the research they need.”