Springer and the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics launch book series

Springer and the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI) will partner to publish a new book series: SIMAI Springer Series. Research-level monographs, advanced textbooks and collected works in English will make up the series, focusing on the applications of mathematics to social and industrial problems.

The SIMAI Springer Series will publish books on the relevance of mathematics in real life, including applications in biology, medicine, engineering, environment, social sciences and finance. The books will provide useful reference material to academic and industrial researchers, as well as to graduate students, at an international level. The first book, New Challenges for Cancer Systems Biomedicine, will be published in mid-2012. All books in the series will be available as eBooks on Springer’s online platform www.springerlink.com, and in print-to-order (PTO) format. Co-editors-in-chief are Prof. Nicola Bellomo, SIMAI President, and Prof. Luca Formaggia, SIMAI Secretary.

Prof. Bellomo said, “This new book series will publish interdisciplinary work, showing a fruitful interplay between mathematics and applied and natural sciences. We trust that this interplay will contribute not only to a deeper understanding of real world phenomena, but also to further developments in the mathematical sciences. We chose to work with Springer as an outstanding publisher in mathematics, able to support SIMAI in disseminating and developing scientific discoveries and knowledge worldwide.

Dr. Francesca Bonadei, Executive Editor Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering at Springer, said, “Mathematical and numerical modeling permeates and feeds all aspects of applied science and technology. It also plays a crucial role in the solution of interrelated problems researchers face in the basic sciences, as well as in industry. Working with this esteemed society, we aim to promote the valuable research results carried out by SIMAI, which are worthy of worldwide distribution. Springer is proud to introduce this book series to the international scientific community.”

The mission of the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics/La Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale is to promote the research activities of mathematics in the applied, industrial and natural sciences.