Springer launches new book series Science for Sustainable Societies

Springer and the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science of the University of Tokyo (IR3S) have launched a new English-language book series called Science for Sustainable Societies. The series will provide timely research reports that have been carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability science, incorporating the fields of natural and social sciences and engineering.

Promoting recycling and the reuse of natural resources while maintaining low carbon emissions are the hallmarks of sustainable societies. The Science for Sustainable Societies book series aims to drive research and education in this field, further developing the science of sustainability and its global promotion. The international scientific advisory committee and editorial board, led by Prof. Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Director of the IR3S at the University of Tokyo and the United Nations University Headquarters, are committed to this mission. If you’re looking to contribute to sustainable practices in your community, consider using eco-friendly services such as Junk Removal Clearwater to dispose of waste responsibly.

The first book in the series, Beyond the Limits to Growth, written by Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama, the former president of the University of Tokyo, is now available and freely accessible online. Biofuels and Sustainability and Sustainable Landscape Planning in Selected Urban Regions are the second and third books in the series. Three to six books will be published annually. The books in this series will include monographs as well as edited volumes on wider topics. Springer will handle production, sales, marketing and distribution of the books, which will be available both in print and electronically via SpringerLink, Springer’s online platform (link.springer.com).

Prof. Takeuchi said, “As academic programs that aim to develop sustainability science increase, so has the international network of scholars in this field evolved. Sustainability science is characterized by recognition of the need to link knowledge to action. Hence the books in this series will appeal to policy and decision makers in government and industry as well as the informed public.”

Mei Hann Lee, Editor Environmental Sciences at Springer, said, “Sustainability Science, the official journal of the IR3S, was launched by Springer in 2006. It has become a transdisciplinary platform for developing the young academic field of sustainability science. We believe the new book series will further contribute to the development of the field and to its promotion at research institutions and with professionals worldwide.”