Springer Nature launches a pilot with PaperHive

Springer Nature has launched a one-year pilot with PaperHive, a market-leading annotation system and copyright-compliant collaborative research platform. The partnership focuses on increasing reader engagement of university students with academic literature in various fields including biomedicine, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The pilot phase comprises books and textbooks from Springer and Springer Spektrum, the leading publisher for classical and digital educational media in the field of natural sciences and mathematics in the German-speaking region.

PaperHive’s annotation, group conversation and sharing capabilities will be enabled for book and textbooks titles. Students and tutors will be able to discuss, ask and answer questions, solve text-specific exercises, share opinions and ideas in the margins of the selected titles.

Dr. Martijn Roelandse, Head of Publishing Innovation at Springer Nature: “For us to fully support our readers, it is essential to offer them both excellent content, and the right tools to uncover its potential. PaperHive is a great way to spark students’ curiosity, increase the exchange among them, and improve their learning outcomes. Every discussion by fellow students, tutors, or learners from other institutions using the same texts is a powerful incentive to return to the textbook for studying it in depth. Following our acquisition of iversity, this pilot further strengthens our commitment to provide new innovative solutions which address the needs of students and teachers alike and help them advance discovery. ”

Dr. André Gaul, CEO of PaperHive: “We are delighted to start a pilot with Springer Nature. It highlights their dedication to innovation and to keeping scholarly communication and collaboration alive. Teaming up with them is an excellent opportunity to respond to the emerging needs of readers – both students, and researchers.”