Springer Nature launches AskAdis: An AI-powered conversational interface for Pharma sector

AskAdis will provide more immediate and relevant answers to drug development and research questions as draws on exclusive validated information

AskAdis is a new cutting-edge conversational chat interface developed by Springer Nature for the pharmaceutical drug development market using its AdisInsight , a market-leading drug development intelligence database with over half a million users annually. 

Off-the-shelf LLMs (large language models) are often inaccurate, incomplete or unreliable as they draw on all the content on which they have been trained to generate answers. Using Generative AI, AskAdis has been trained on only relevant already validated content, information and data making results more accurate and reliable.  

It has a natural language conversational chat interface which allows users to ask specific questions. This means users can refine the exact scope of information they are looking for in the shortest possible time – an essential feature for the pharma industry where information can rapidly change, is highly complex and can impact human life.

Commenting Harald Wirsching, Managing Director, Data and Analytics Solutions, said:

“Companies and researchers in the drug development space face a specific challenge – how to get targeted, relevant and reliable answers to specific questions.  AskAdis addresses this challenge and provides unparalleled access to critical, trusted  information which has all already been validated. Using AI in this way we are able to accelerate discovery by driving more informed decisions and fostering accelerated drug development.”