Springer to publish open access journal with the Korea Basic Science Institute

Springer and the Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) are partnering to publish the Journal of Analytical Science and Technology (JAST). As a fully sponsored open access journal, it will be part of the SpringerOpen portfolio, available on SpringerLink (link.springer.com). This international peer-reviewed journal was launched by the KBSI in 2010, however, starting this year, it will be published in Springer’s open access program.

The Journal of Analytical Science and Technology publishes original research and review articles on all aspects of analytical principles, techniques, methods, procedures, and equipment. Through its multidisciplinary focus, JAST will serve as a communication tool for scientists and researchers worldwide. With the “Technical Notes,” the journal offers a special section reporting on new developments and significant applications in analytical technology and equipment that do not yet have a complete theoretical foundation.

“We aim to provide scientists, researchers, and students worldwide with unlimited access to the latest advances in analytical sciences. Scientists working in laboratories frequently want their new and more efficient experimental methods published as soon as possible so that their fellow scientists working in the same field may hear about their discoveries. Our goal is to make JAST an internationally influential and widely read analytical science journal,” said Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Chaejoon Cheong.

Mark de Jongh, Senior Publishing Editor and coordinator of the Springer publishing program in Korea, said, “We are very enthusiastic about co-publishing this open access journal with the Korea Basic Science Institute. Research in the field of analytical science is strong in South Korea and hence we are delighted to be able to help the KBSI in disseminating this content to the international community. The journal will be a valuable addition to Springer’s impressive Korean publishing program.” Springer currently co-publishes 43 Korean society journals.

As an open access journal, all research results from JAST will be freely available online. SpringerOpen journals (www.springeropen.com) are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license, which facilitates the open distribution of copyrighted work.

Since 1988, the Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) has focused its efforts in the analytical sciences through the development of novel analytical technologies and equipment. In 2009, together with Chungnam National University, KBSI established the Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology (GRAST). Launching JAST in 2010 was the KBSI’s second step in promoting the advancement of the analytical sciences. KBSI’s mission is to inform and stimulate researchers to make significant professional achievements in science.