Swets introduces Open Access APC management service

As the open access publishing model expands at an increasing rate, new challenges naturally arise for libraries, publishers, funders and researchers. Libraries in particular are having to develop, implement and manage new workflows and procedures across their institutions that are time consuming and resource-heavy. One of the major administrative burdens revolves around Article Processing Charges (APC’s), which are paid to publishers for (Gold) Open Access papers. Swets has introduced a new APC management service in order to address this need directly.

“APC management is costing libraries and institutions more time and resources than is necessary,” said David Main, CEO of Swets. “There’s a direct and urgent need for this service today, and so we’ve worked hard to put solid processes in place at Swets to facilitate this for our customers. Our expertise in handling multiple transactions for thousands of publishers and libraries worldwide make us an ideal partner for those organizations looking to streamline their internal processes in this area.”

Swets aims to reduce the burden on the library by managing the complex APC invoicing and payment processes on their behalf. The service provides APC management for all types of institution:

  • APC fund management options to keep track of spending
  • A single point of contact to handle all publisher relationships
  • A clear, concise way to handle all micro-transactions
  • A means to reduce the number of invoices that need processing
  • Detailed, real-time reporting on the status of all transactions

“Our APC Management service is just our first step into the Open Access arena,” comments David Main.“The differing needs and requirements of the funders, authors, institutions and indeed publishers present additional opportunities for us to help. Swets is committed to working closely with all parties to establish exactly where and how we can effectively support in improving and standardizing OA related workflows.”

Customers interested in Swets’ APC Management service should visit our website, atwww.swets.com/open-access or contact us directly to discuss their requirements.