SwetsWise Selection Support now connects with over 190 platforms for automated usage harvesting

Swets continues to raise the bar on electronic usage analysis with one point access to 190+ platforms

Earlier today Swets announced an extension in the capability of selection management tool, SwetsWise Selection Support, to now connect with over 190 platforms for automated usage harvesting.  This is the latest update to the leading ROI tool that offers COUNTER compliant reports including price, price per use and impact factor.

“The ability to access 190 platforms through SwetsWise Selection Support provides customers with all-inclusive information on a much larger scale than what competitors are offering in the market today,”stated Debbie Dore, Swets Chief Commercial Officer.   “Swets is proud to provide libraries with technology that provides the most comprehensive information they need to evaluate their collections, make informed decisions, and increase efficiency.” 

The tool is all encompassing; usage can be collected whether you purchase the content from Swets or elsewhere. It can be collected whether or not the platform is SUSHI enabled. And it can be collected from both COUNTER and non-COUNTER platforms. Swets understands that customers want to easily consolidate usage from their collection and the need is not always cut-and-dry. As such, we have worked around the limitations seen with many other tools.

Access to over 190 platforms eliminates the need for time consuming manual collection and affords libraries the time and resources to focus on a more complete evaluation of their collections.