TEMIS Launches Luxid® Community, the First Collaborative Semantics Platform

EMIS, the leading provider of semantic content enrichment solutions, is pleased to announce that the Luxid® Community Platform will be going into open beta this month.  The Luxid® Community Platform is an online collaboration platform where semantic content enrichment practitioners can meet their peers, exchange best practices, share information extraction components and accelerate their projects. TEMIS will unveil the Luxid® Community Platform in four dedicated events in New York, Berlin, Paris and London starting January 29th, where TEMIS customers and partners will be invited to join the platform and help further shape its directions. To learn more about the Luxid® Community Platform, register for the launch event of your choice on the TEMIS website at http://www.temis.com/join-the-luxid-community.

“Structuring their unstructured content is becoming a burning need for organizations, but the corresponding ecosystem is still fragmented. With the Luxid® Community Platform, our goal is to help our customers and partners to collaborate and facilitate the mainstream adoption of semantic content enrichment technologies”, said Daniel Mayer, VP Marketing of TEMIS. “To enable synergies, the Luxid® Community platform will also include a Marketplace where organizations can exchange components that are relevant to their semantic content enrichment process.”

TEMIS helps organizations structure, manage and exploit their unstructured information assets. Its flagship platform, Luxid®, exploits off-the-shelf extractors called Skill Cartridges® to extract targeted information from unstructured content and semantically enrich it with domain-specific metadata. This enables professional publishers to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience, and helps enterprises to intelligently archive, manage, analyze, discover and share increasing volumes of information. Luxid® includes a suite of productivity tools enabling TEMIS customers and partners to customize existing Skill Cartridges®, develop new ones from scratch, as well as optimize quality and performance.