The Charlesworth Group and Researcher agree new strategic partnership for the Chinese market

The Charlesworth Group is excited to announce a new strategic partnership in China with Researcher.

Under this partnership, The Charlesworth Group will provide Researcher with a package of digital marketing support services, market insight and advertising sales collaboration to support the growth of Researcher app in China. Researcher has over 1.8m users, with 30% of the active user base in China and is looking to accelerate its growth rate in this market. 

Charlesworth will provide Researcher with WeChat account management services delivered by their Beijing-based digital marketing team. The WeChat account will also be integrated into the Charlesworth WeChat Gateway to provide Researcher app users with notifications via WeChat and to inform them they have new articles available to read in the Researcher app. This integration will create a powerful connection to drive WeChat followers and direct engagement with the Researcher app by Chinse users, with thousands of notifications being sent to Researcher app users daily. 

Charlesworth and Researcher will also work together to explore advertising sales opportunities on the Researcher app for international and Chinese-based publishers and academic institutions to target the Chinese academic market.

Mike Evans, The Charlesworth Group CEO commented: 

“This partnership will help Researcher further build their market presence in China via WeChat and integration with the Charlesworth WeChat Gateway. We also look forward to exploring opportunities for international publishers in China, as well as Chinese-based publishers and academic institutions to increase their global engagement through working with the Researcher.”

Olly Cooper, Researcher CEO commented:

“We’re delighted to be working with Charlesworth to strengthen our presence in China. The dynamics of scholarly communications are changing at pace – for publishers and researchers inside China looking to distribute their content to the rest of the world, and for those outside China who want to reverse that journey. Charlesworth’s local expertise and experience will be invaluable in helping us facilitate discovery of academic papers wherever they originate from. We’re particularly excited about enhancing our Chinese users’ experience with an integration into WeChat – making it even easier for them to stay up to date with the latest, most relevant scholarly and scientific content.”