The Perfect Match – Enago Announces Collaboration with AcademicLabs to Support Their Community of Researchers

Enago, a global leader in editing and publication support services, has announced a collaboration with AcademicLabs, a specialist platform to easily identify opportunities and ideal partners for research collaboration.

AcademicLabs is a research partnering and collaboration platform. It allows scientists in academia and R&D-driven companies to identify across the globe what academic research groups are focusing on today, evaluate them based on their past scientific output and easily establish connections and collaborations to solve challenging research questions.

Enago is recognized within the global research community for the quality of its content preparation and author-support services. Since its inception in 2005, Enago has worked with users around the world, including businesses, researchers, publishers, universities and societies, in the process helping more than two million authors to produce high-caliber, high-impact research communication.  In 2016, it launched new services to support researchers creating grant proposals.

Arne Smolders, founder and CEO of AcademicLabs commented: “Our mission is to build a one-stop-shop platform to support researchers in every step of getting their best ideas converted to scientific results and real-world impact. That goes from finding ideal collaboration or funding opportunities, identifying the state-of-the-art on your topic, connecting and exchanging know-how with peers, streamlining communication and (writing) collaboration with your partners, up to getting your results and ideas shared with the scientific community. This new arrangement with Enago will help our users whenever they create meaningful and impactful research content, whether it’s preparing a collaboration document or statement, writing a grant proposal, preparing to talk at a research conference or writing and collaborating on an article for publication in a high impact research journal or book.  AcademicLabs is determined to offer best of breed research support services to aid our community of researchers.”

“Enago is pleased to be working with AcademicLabs, and its research community,” said Tony O’Rourke, Vice President Partnerships at Enago. “Users of the AcademicLabs platform can use Enago’s editing expertise at any stage during the research process, to ensure that research objectives and outcomes can be expressed clearly and with impact.”