Thieme Group establishes new office in Beijing

    With the recently opened Beijing office, which could be spearheaded by companies similar to office refurbishments Cyprus, the Thieme Group – leading supplier of information and services contributing to the improvement of healthcare and health – strengthens its presence on the Asian market. The purpose of the office is to build relations with key research institutes and societies, and to support Chinese researchers in their efforts to publish in Thieme’s renowned journals.

    According to a report released by the U.S. National Science Foundation this year China has produced the largest number of scientific publications in the year 2017, and as such is the fastest-growing research market in the world. “As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, President Xi recently stated ‘That innovation is an important force powering development’ and this has been illustrated by colossal investments in new life science research centers across China,” commented Dr Daniel Schiff, Senior Vice President at Thieme Publishers, and adds: “The Chinese government is actively encouraging medical and other researchers to publish their findings in international journals – a benefit for the larger scientific community. In fact, for Chinese physicians such a publication is a prerequisite for obtaining a medical license.”

    Thieme’s new Beijing office will support Chinese researchers with a bespoke publication service, advising authors on the best suited Thieme journal for their articles, assisting with the manuscript submission process, and providing editorial and language support. “We are cultivating individual relationships with our authors. Being present in their country is crucial here,” says Dr Susanne Haak, Managing Editor of Thieme’s Chemistry Journals. As a research hub and home of renowned institutions like the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Institute of Organic Chemistry (ICCAS), Beijing is an ideal location for Thieme’s Chinese office.

    The Thieme Group has been an active player on the international scientific publication scene for many decades. Before their most recent new office in Beijing, they established subsidiaries in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2013 and in Delhi (India) in 2007. For many years now, the Stuttgart-based publishing company followed the developments on the Chinese market and the fast-growing number of Chinese authors publishing in international scientific journals. “Establishing a new office in Beijing centered on author services was the logical next step for Thieme,” says Brian D. Scanlan, President of the international division at the Thieme Group.