Thomson Reuters Hosts Inaugural Techstreet Standards Publishers Innovation Forum to Address Future Industry Challenges

    Leaders from the standards publishing industry convened November 9th in Alexandria, Virginia, for the inaugural Standards Publishers Innovation Forum (SPIF), presented by Techstreet, part of the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters and the world’s leading provider of industry codes and standards. Representatives from ASTM International, American Petroleum Institute, IEEE Standards Association and elsewhere participated in the forum, sharing their expertise, shaping consensus and defining parameters for the adoption of new publishing technologies.

    At the event: Moving Beyond PDF: New Formats, New Frontiers, standards developing organizations, information professionals, and technical experts engaged in informative and stimulating discussions on the adoption of new content delivery technologies and solutions. Keys insights shared include an overview of the history and evolution of content delivery formats, the use of video as a medium for sharing standards, keys to developing a mobile access strategy, and the importance of SDO’s and IP protection.

    “As the standards industry continues to adopt new technologies and delivery methods, it is crucial that we connect and communicate as an industry,” said David von Glahn, director of Training and e-Learning at ASTM International. “I commend Techstreet for understanding this need and creating an environment where we can work together through challenges to establish best practices.”

    The forum, which is to be held bi-annually, will showcase a series of topical issues, providing participants with a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, collaborate with peers, and help shape the future of the standards publishing industry.

    “As a market leader, Techstreet is forward thinking and understands the importance of innovation in the standards publishing industry. We are pleased to establish a place where leaders and professionals can come together to discuss key changes and advancements in the industry,” said Todd Fegan, vice president of Techstreet Operations. “The first Techstreet Standards Publishers Innovation Forum was a huge success and we are confident the event will become a leading forum for members of this community to converge, collaborate and set the course for the future.”

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