Thomson Reuters Previews Game-Changing New Solutions for Insights into Clinical Trials

    The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, revealed two new clinical trial intelligence software solutions today at the annual DIA meeting in Boston: Cortellis™ Clinical Trials Intelligence and Cortellis Site Performance Advisor.

    The new solutions are designed to optimize clinical trials, decrease time to market, accelerate clinical trial development and maximize portfolio strategies for professionals in clinical operations and development, R&D benchmarking, R&D strategy, strategic resourcing, precision and translational medicine and at contract research organizations (CROs).

    Clinical Trials Intelligence allow users to access and search information on more than 130,000 U.S. and global trials for biologics, diagnostics, biomarkers, medical devices and drugs targeting rare diseases. The solution also includes access to  200,000 press releases, 220,000 literature articles, 2.25 million drug development articles, 21,000 meeting abstracts, 8,000 conference reports, and transcripts of biomedical and medicinal chemistry industry analyst and investor meetings. It offers full integration with Thomson Reuters industry-leading drug pipeline content and is available via the web portal or an application programming interface (API).

    Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence provides over a dozen dynamic visualizations that support fact-based decision making and enhance competitive positioning. It also includes a trial timeline viewer that provides an up-to-date, longitudinal view of the trial start dates, insights on trial duration trends and expected, actual or projected end dates for a given indication, company or individual drug.

    “Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is the most powerful resource of its kind to enter the Life Sciences market, enabling industry professionals to make informed decisions that direct their clinical strategies. Utilizing a comprehensive, responsive and easy-to-use interface, it locates patient trials with specific efficacy endpoints or efficacy biomarkers, offers dynamic analytics and delivers current, detailed information on trials,” said Wendy Hamilton, senior vice president, Thomson Reuters Life Sciences. “This product greatly reduces the time spent compiling and analyzing clinical information. It is a game changing solution in this space.”

    Cortellis Site Performance Advisor is an integrated solution comprising the fastest recruiting sites, ideal countries for recruitment, and countries that have applicable, relevant patient populations, all of which is critical information for pharmaceutical and CRO executives. It offers powerful and dynamic analytics that easily pinpoint sites and countries connected to successful clinical trials.

    Thomson Reuters is also presenting “Four Ways to Accelerate Your Clinical Portfolio Strategy” at DIA, a whitepaper exploring ways to accelerate clinical trial design through analytic approaches that leverage advanced technology and the power of Thomson Reuters as a global information business. According to the whitepaper, clinical portfolio strategies can be more effectively executed by looking at the drug lifecycle, deriving insights for more accurate trial duration prediction through curated data, keeping abreast of the competitive environment, and assessing drug safety.

    Learn more about Cortellis.