Thomson Reuters Reinvents Keyword Search Technology with New Smart Search for Thomson Innovation

The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters reinvented search technology for intellectual property (IP) researchers in its latest update to Thomson Innovation, the premiere IP research and analysis solution.

Thomson Innovation brings together the world’s most comprehensive international patent coverage and the industry’s most powerful IP analysis tools, helping users make more accurate, informed decisions. The latest release to Thomson Innovation updates the Smart Search feature, which now allows users to search using full blocks of text in addition to traditional Boolean search terms.

Using a patent-pending search algorithm that searches information from Thomson Reuters’ world class IP databases, Smart Search frees users from the limitations of a typical semantic query. More than a usual keyword search, Smart Search extracts keywords or smart themes from a block of text, and feeds them into the search algorithm, giving users access to the most comprehensive, relevant results.

An obvious efficiency improvement, the new Smart Search functionality also reduces the likelihood of error or omission based on an incomplete semantic query. Smart Search stress-tests, or quickly checks the validity and comprehensiveness of traditional searches and also stands alone, conducting preliminary due diligence in particular technology areas. Smart Search results, which display as a series of smart themes, allow users to quickly identify keywords from information disclosure statements (IDS), patents or other full-length text documents. This intuitive display of key information makes Thomson Innovation easier to navigate for casual users and experienced research professionals alike.

“In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, intellectual property research has become a bit like a global treasure hunt on the high seas, with huge sums at stake for getting it right and sometimes even bigger potential for losses if you get it wrong,” said Ellen Pinschmidt, Global Head, IP Innovation and Applied Sciences, within IP&S at Thomson Reuters. “With the new improvements to our Smart Search technology, we’ve made it possible for intellectual property researchers to conduct the most thorough investigations, arriving at the most relevant results in the short possible time to avoid making costly IP mistakes.”

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