Thomson Reuters unveils web-based analytical tool for healthcare professionals

The Healthcare business of Thomson Reuters today announced the introduction of MarketScan® Treatment Pathways, a secure Web-based analytical tool that researchers can use to quickly understand medical care, outcomes, and costs for discrete populations of patients.

Treatment Pathways allows researchers to access the MarketScan Research Databases or other large datasets to conduct cross-sectional or longitudinal analyses including descriptive reporting without the need for data intake, software or custom programming. The tool allows users to build a visual pathway of patient treatment over time for a particular disease or condition and analyze patient cohorts at any point in the pathway.

“Now, with the speed and collaboration features of Treatment Pathways, healthcare researchers can work faster and smarter,” said Bill Marder, PhD, senior vice president for research services at Thomson Reuters.

“This tool will transform how studies are conducted, because it significantly improves efficiency and provides fast answers to critical research questions.

“Thomson Reuters has extensive experience creating analytically-ready databases. Now, we are leading the way in developing innovative tools and processes to improve research using large datasets,” Marder said. “Treatment Pathways provides broader and faster access to data than ever before.”

The MarketScan Research Databases contain de-identified healthcare claims data reflecting the real-world clinical care of more than 148 million patients — the largest proprietary dataset of its kind. Academic, industry, and government researchers have used this information for decades to analyze the efficacy of medical treatments, the cost of care, prescription drug utilization patterns, and other important healthcare issues. MarketScan Treatment Pathways enables researchers to explore patterns in these rich databases in new ways.

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