Titles from Springer collection cover wide range of disciplines on Apple’s iBookstore

Springer Science+Business Media now offers one of the largest scientific, technical and medical (STM) book collections on the iBookstore with more than 20,000 individual Springer titles. Cornerstone works in disciplines like mathematics, medicine and engineering are now available, along with selections in other fields such as business and economics. Titles include theSpringer Handbook of Nanotechnology, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology and the highly regarded book series Graduate Texts in Mathematics.

Springer is currently undertaking an exhaustive effort to digitize all of its books dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. By making most of its entire collection – both new and archived titles – available through its SpringerLink platform, Springer offers STM researchers far more opportunities than ever to obtain and apply content.

“We are very excited to be able to showcase our titles on the iBookstore, and delighted to offer such a comprehensive collection of eBooks, overall,” said Springer’s Syed Hasan, President, Global Academic and Government Sales. “Springer’s forward-thinking approach to our business has forged a new direction in professional and academic book publishing.”