TNQ and Enago offer AI-assisted product for assessment of the quality of language of a submitted manuscript

TNQ and Enago recently celebrated a milestone in their strategic partnership – TNQ’s product SmartLanguage, which assesses the quality of language of a scholarly manuscript, has been adopted by a large publisher for their journals portfolio. The solution is based on a convolutional neural network framework that uses natural language processing to predict the language quality of an article and integrates with Enago’s AI product, Trinka, as a micro service. The deep learning Trinka ML model uses GEC (Grammatical Error Correction) components to identify different kinds of language errors. The prediction of the model is made at the sentence level, and aggregated for an article. A linguistically informed layer then takes the GEC’s suggestion to provide specific outcomes expected from the SmartLanuage service.

Enago is a leader in scholarly communication services and AI-based products for researcher and author workflows.  TNQ is a leading provider of publishing services and innovative technologies, whose services and products are end-to-end, from authoring, manuscript submission, peer review, proofing to pagination. The combination of TNQ’s core domain and technology expertise for the publishing industry, and Enago’s investments in AI-based editing tools, creates possibilities for world-class products for publishers to better manage content workflows with improved efficiency and quality.

“Enago and TNQ have the perfect symbiotic relationship as both companies have complementary strengths in the publishing industry,” said Sharad Mittal, CEO of Enago. “This partnership will continue to strengthen publishers by providing a suite of tailored AI-assisted solutions to save time and effort in editorial workflows.”

“Both companies are committed and passionate to continually develop disruptive products and innovative technology solutions to deliver services for the publishing community. Enago’s close proximity with the author community coupled with TNQ’s deep understanding of the publishing value chain will lead to ideas and thoughts that will deliver tremendous value to the entire research and publishing community.” commented Abhigyan Arun, CEO of TNQ.