Transformative Agreement Signed between the Microbiology Society and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Microbiology Society and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences are pleased to announce a transformative agreement starting in 2023. The Publish and Read model will allow affiliated researchers the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to publish an unlimited number of Open Access (OA) articles in hybrid and fully OA titles, as well as having full read access the Society’s journals portfolio. The Microbiology Society are represented in China by the Charlesworth Group.

Yuefei Wang, Director of Resource Construction and Service Department of Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS: “OPEN science is the essential attribute of scientific research, and it is also the inevitable trend of the new scientific research paradigm in the digital and information age. After thorough evaluation, National Agricultural Information System has officially signed an open access transformative agreement with Microbiology Society in 2023, which includes all titles of Microbiology Society journals. This transformative agreement will further promote the academic influence of scientific research achievements of CAAS, enhance academic exchanges and dissemination, and also help the library to manage the overall management of publishing and literature subscription funds and costs, which is of great pioneering significance.”

Peter Cotgreave, Chief Executive of the Microbiology Society: “We are thrilled to announce this agreement with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a national organization leading internationally significant agriculture-related research. This deal demonstrates the continued growth of the Society’s Publish and Read model, empowering more scientists across the world: affiliated researchers will be able to publish Open Access with minimal administration and no author fees, increasing opportunities for global impact.”

The number of international institutions opting into Publish and Read agreements with the Society is set to double year-on-year since its launch in 2020. 

Affiliated authors with Publish and Read Institutions are entitled to:

·       Unlimited OA publishing: any article published in Society journals where the corresponding author is from a Publish and Read institution will be OA by default.

·       Unlimited usage: any user associated with a Publish and Read institution can access the entire archive of Society content, back to 1947, for reading and for text and data mining.

Authors can check if their institution is eligible here.

Publish and Read will be across all the Society’s six journals, including hybrid titles MicrobiologyJournal of General VirologyJournal of Medical MicrobiologyInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, and fully OA titles Access MicrobiologyMicrobial Genomics.