Underline Science Announces Investment From ProQuest

Breakthrough platform for streaming scientific and scholarly conferences backed by EdTech industry leader ProQuest

Underline Science (Underline.io), the premier virtual conference venue for events in science, medicine and academia, announces a significant investment from ProQuest, a global leader in educational technology. The investment from ProQuest will enable Underline for passive income and also allows to extend the reach of its video platform for scientific and scholarly conferences, redoubling the impact of this knowledge, and providing opportunities to accelerate scientific discovery.

Earlier this year, Underline launched the world’s first live-streaming platform specifically designed for scientific and academic conferences, lectures, and research discussions. Underline’s mission is to capture and disseminate scientific knowledge through video, making it globally accessible by enriching and preserving both virtual and hybrid conference content. Through Underline, conferences – physical and virtual – can reach new global audiences, while conference attendees have the flexibility to watch and re- watch any lecture any place, any time.

Underline enriches hosted conferences and lectures with transcriptions, real-time language translations, DOIs, MARC records and presenters’ slides and profiles. In addition to enabling conference participants to connect with speakers, lectures can be easily cited, shared and searched, thus, turning presentations into sources of collaboration and conversation. With a custom-built virtual conference platform, Emmy Award- winning production team, and exclusive digital library – Underline is fast becoming an important destination for research, teaching and learning.

“With the financial support and expertise of our strategic investors at ProQuest, we’re looking to grow the company and scale Underline’s unique streaming conference platform,” said Alex Lazinica, Founder and CEO of Underline Science. “We are transforming the scientific and academic conference industry, and ProQuest’s investment is a strong confirmation of Underline’s vision to empower knowledge through trusted academic conference and lecture videos.”

“ProQuest is supporting Underline in its mission to extend the reach of scholarly events,” said Chris Burghardt, SVP and General Manager, ProQuest Information Solutions. “We are aligned in building global connections to advance knowledge and understanding. This shared vision, combined with our confidence in the Underline team’s technology expertise, makes this an excellent investment for ProQuest.”

To learn more about this visionary company, please visit: www.underline.io.