Utopia Bookmarklet Launched

Utopia Bookmarklet Launched.

The scientists behind Utopia Documents have developed a bookmarklet that allows readers to use the scientific reader Utopia Documents to view PDF files currently being viewed in their browsers. The Utopia bookmarklet is now available, freely, and so is the Utopia Documents scientific PDF reader that enriches PDFs of scientific articles and books, irrespective of whoever published them. The Utopia bookmarklet and the Utopia Documents PDF reader are superb knowledge tools for seasoned researchers and students alike and can be downloaded from http://utopiadocs.com/download.php

Utopia Documents comes standard with a wide range of features, but publishers can add even more features specific to their content (and they don’t even need to change anything to their PDFs, old or new). More information on http://utopiacontentservices.com