Wageningen Academic Publishers Partners with Enago to Provide Author Support Services

Enago, a global leader in manuscript editing and publication support services, recently announced collaboration with Wageningen Academic Publishers, an independent publisher, renowned for its work in the life sciences.

Wageningen Academic Publishers specializations include animal and veterinary sciences, food sciences, environmental science, agriculture and agribusiness. They publish six journals dedicated to niche subject areas as well as scientific books. Their lean and agile team structure enables them to devote focused attention to each project they undertake, working closely with authors throughout the publishing process in order to maximize the visibility and reach of its published content.

Enago is globally recognized among the research community for the quality of its manuscript preparation and author support services. Since its inception in 2005, Enago has worked with stakeholders around the world, including researchers, publishers, universities and societies, in the process helping more than two million authors to publish high-caliber, high-impact research.

“Wageningen Academic Publishers is committed to promoting ground-breaking research in the field of life sciences. Through this partnership with Enago, we hope to make use of Enago’s extensive expertise by supporting our authors worldwide to maximize the quality of journal article submissions across our portfolio of publications. With easy access to Enago’s author services, we are confident our authors will have all the tools they need to communicate their research as clearly and effectively as possible,” said Mike Jacobs, Managing Director of Wageningen Academic Publishers.

“We are excited to be associated with Wageningen Academic Publishers and to play an active role in further enhancing the quality of article submissions in the life sciences,” commented Rajiv Shirke, Vice President, Global Operations, Enago. “We are delighted to provide a portfolio of tailored services to Wageningen Academic Publishers’ authors. Researchers can use Enago’s editing expertise at any stage during the publication process, enabling them to present their research with as much clarity and impact as possible.”