Wiley and AlphaMed Press Announce Expanded Co-publishing Partnership

John Wiley and Sons, Inc., and The AlphaMed Company, Inc., dba AlphaMed Press today announced an expanded co-publishing partnership for AlphaMed’s prestigious portfolio of scholarly journals in stem cell research, regenerative and translational medicine, and oncology. With an outstanding track record of nearly thirty-five years as the founder and publisher of high-impact, peer-reviewed publications, The Oncologist, STEM CELLS, and STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, AlphaMed is a CEO Cancer Gold Standard accredited company globally recognized for its leading educational outreach programs, scientific meetings, and worldwide network of thought leaders.

Beginning in January 2017, Wiley will assume co-publishing responsibility for AlphaMed’s industry-leading publication,The Oncologist,along with its Open Access journal, STEM CELLS Translational Medicine.Wiley will continue to co-publish STEM CELLS, the primary publication for original research in stem and progenitor cell biology.This expanded partnership will enhance AlphaMed’s already significant reach and visibility, providing their authors and readers with innovative digital and technological capabilities by Wiley.

“Wiley is proud to be selected as AlphaMed’s co-publishing partner,” said Andy Robinson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Society Services at Wiley.  “AlphaMed Press has long been the premier publisher in the stem cell and oncology fields and delivers a crucial forum for cutting edge research in these important disciplines. We look forward to working with AlphaMed colleagues to further our mutual mission to advance knowledge and education through the dissemination of high quality content and to help our partner meet its noble purpose to improve health outcomes.”

“AlphaMed welcomes with enthusiasm this broadened collaboration with Wiley as our co-publisher that is mutually dedicated to a common mission to attract and to speedily publish the best research that will providehopefor the catastrophically ill patient,” said Dr. Ann Murphy, President and Publisher of AlphaMed Press.  “It is in this context that we renew the pledge made by our Founding Editors of STEM CELLS 34 years ago to be ’Scientists in the Service of Science’.  Armed now with even greater scientific tools and insights, a renewal ofhopeis all the more proximate.  Together, we will collaboratively establish new global initiatives that will foster innovative research and clinical trials with evidence-based results that will translate into improved patient care.”