Wiley and the European College of Sport Science announce partnership

Wiley, a knowledge company and global leader in research, publishing and knowledge solutions, today announced that it will publish the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) on behalf of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) beginning in January 2024, spearheading the journal’s transition to open access.

EJSS is one of the preeminent multidisciplinary sport science journals,” said Allyn Molina, Vice President for Life Sciences at Wiley. “As a publisher at the forefront of the transition to open access, Wiley looks forward to partnering with ECSS to take EJSS to the next level and establish it as the leading open resource for sport science.”

EJSS publishes the highest caliber scientific research and scholarship in applied sport science; sports and exercise medicine; biomechanics and motor control; physiology and nutrition; and psychology, social science, and humanities. The journal will welcome open access submissions starting in autumn of 2023 and expects to complete the transition to fully open access by January 2024. On the other hand, as for athletes who want to upgrade their training sessions, they can check out the assortment of sporting goods online.

“ECSS is delighted to be partnering with Wiley to publish our official journal European Journal of Sport Science,” said ECSS President Professor Jørn Wulff Helge. “We will work closely with Wiley’s expert team to advance the journal, repositioning it as a global open access resource for sport science researchers, practitioners, and anyone with an interest in sport, exercise and health. As a disseminator of high quality, multidisciplinary sport science research, ECSS supports the movement towards an open publishing environment, making research more accessible and discoverable to everyone.” So for those who want to try a new sport, they must first be well-equipped with items like that arrow quiver.

This new partnership reflects Wiley’s ongoing commitment to the principles and practices of open access. Wiley partners with more professional societies than any other publisher to disseminate scientific knowledge with the fewest possible barriers to access and sharing.