Wiley announces launch of Wiley Spectra Lab, giving researchers access to largest collection of reference spectra in the world

    Wiley today announced the launch ofWileySpectra Lab, a new and flexible expert spectral data system that uses empirical data and advanced software to help chemists, toxicologists, and life scientists confidently identify chemical substances.Wiley Spectra Labprovides access to these data in a convenient, secure cloud environment.

    Powered by KnowItAll® by Bio-Rad, the online, subscription-based spectral library provides researchers with access to over 2.2 million reference spectra – the largest collection in the world, to enable them to reliably identify unknowns and confirm known compounds.

    Wiley Spectra Labfeatures collections from Wiley, Bio-Rad Sadtler and other leading sources. Searches can be completely customized to focus on the appropriate technique and analyte across 2.2 million NMR (C, H, X), mass spectra, infrared (IR), UV-Vis, and near-IR spectra.

    Over 200 spectral collections assure the broadest and most in-depth coverage in areas including flavors and fragrances, geochemicals, metabolites, poisons, food additives, organometallics, hydrocarbons, and hazardous materials. Researchers are able to access compounds within specific application areas such as material sciences, pharmaceuticals, forensics, paints, pigments and dyes. Further releases will include a powerful desktop client and locally hosted server.

    “The Wiley team developedWiley Spectra Labin collaboration with Bio-Rad. By combining each organization’s strengths, we brought a comprehensive solution to researchers within a short development cycle,” said Graeme Whitley,  Director of New Business Development,  “We’re now looking to replicate this collaboration model with other partners ranging from contract research organizations to academic institutes seeking to provide researchers with access to new technologies quickly and efficiently.”

    For further information visit wileyspectralab.com