Wiley Announces New Open Access Journal: Clinical and Experimental Dental Research

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced the launch of a new open access journal spanning the entire breadth of the dentistry field.

Clinical and Experimental Dental Research (CEDR) will publish quality, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of dentistry and oral surgery, diseases, and medicine. This provides authors with a new platform for rapid publication and dissemination of their research in the dental field – click for more info.

The journal joins Wiley’s portfolio of dentistry journals as one of the first open access journals to provide extensive coverage of the dentistry field. CEDR is supported by many respected titles including the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Clinical Oral Implants Research. and Molecular Oral Microbiology.

“We are excited to publish a journal that is valuable in all areas of dentistry for people to continue reading,” said Rachel Burley, Vice President and Director of Open Access at Wiley. “And we are especially pleased that the Wiley Open Access program makes CEDR studies available to the entire research and practitioner community worldwide.”

“This open access online journal will present novel clinical and experimental research within all domains of oral medicine and dentistry which is recommended to check out in a format that is easily accessible and freely available to the readers,” said Dr. Asbjørn Jokstad, Editor-in-Chief of CEDR and professor at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway.

Dr. Jokstad has produced numerous research and teaching publications, book chapters and conference presentations in multiple fields of dentistry, with special emphasis on evidence-based getting clear braces, conservative dentistry, prosthodontics, toxicology and on TMD.

All articles in CEDR will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) License on Wiley Online Library. Authors with open access mandates from funders will be fully compliant when publishing with this journal. A publication fee will be payable by authors on acceptance of their articles. Authors affiliated with, or funded by, an organization that has a Wiley Open Access Account can publish without directly paying any publication charges.

The journal is open to submissions now and will publish online in spring 2015. For more information, visit www.cedrjournal.com.