Wiley-Knode Partnership Puts Collaboration at the Center of the Research Experience

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced a new partnership with startup technology company Knode to provide customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic organizations worldwide.

    Designed to foster innovation and collaboration, Knode’s expertise profiling system compiles a “research signature” for users based on their publication history, patents, clinical trials and grants. The resulting profile forms part of a growing ecosystem of research expertise.

    Wiley’s cloud-based portal, powered by Knode technology, is populated with more than 20 million documents and millions of expert profiles. Users can search by expertise, name or affiliation, and custom filters allow the results to be tuned according to specific criteria, for example to identify key opinion leaders or rising stars in a particular discipline.

    Researchers are using Knode to find experts, identify and connect with collaborators, and promote their expertise to the world. For society executives and institutional research managers, custom analytics provide aggregated views of research expertise and output.

    This partnership with Knode reflects Wiley’s commitment to providing new tools and services that meet the real needs of scientists in all phases of the research cycle, from planning to experimentation to publication and beyond.

    Established in 2011, Knode was founded to develop breakthrough innovations that promote and enhance collaboration. Based in Boston, U.S., the company has been recognized as a startup to watch by the Boston Business Journal and has forged successful partnerships with several leading research institutions.

    “Identifying and promoting expertise and capabilities is a crucial component of research collaboration,” said David Tharp, Head of Business Development, Knode. “Scientific societies and academic institutions lead the way in fostering new links across multiple research organizations and in enhancing connections to industrial R&D. We are pleased to partner with Wiley to bring the Knode platform to this core segment of the worldwide research community.”

    “Successful research outcomes depend on effective teamwork and interdisciplinary connectivity,” said Sean Pidgeon, Vice President and Director, Research Solutions, Wiley. “By building a network that emphasizes the broad expertise of scientists rather than narrow measures based on the research literature, Knode has created exciting opportunities to enhance the quality of collaborative research.”

    A public beta version of the Knode expertise portal can be accessed here.

    Read an interview with David Steinberg, CEO of Knode, at Wiley’s Exchanges Blog