Wiley’s Latest Natural Products Database Release Empowers Drug Discovery and Research

Wiley, one of the world’s largest publishers and a global leader in research and learning, today announced the 2024 release of its Wiley Identifier of Natural Products (AntiBase Library + ChemWindow).

With an extensive collection of over 95,000 compounds, this growing natural products database serves as a powerful drug discovery screening tool to narrow down possible novel compounds having antimicrobial, antitumor, or other desired effects. Additionally, it finds applications in food and cosmetics, agriculture, pesticides, and other sectors where natural products are prevalent.

The latest release introduces 37,000 new compounds to the collection in addition to spectra computed using Wiley’s proprietary AI technologies.

Graeme Whitley, Director of Data Science Solutions at Wiley, expressed enthusiasm about the continued impact of this work. He stated, “We are committed to providing the scientific community with a resource that streamlines the discovery of compounds with significant therapeutic potential.”

In addition to the comprehensive AntiBase library, the Wiley Identifier of Natural Products includes ChemWindow software’s sophisticated high-performance datamining and chemical databasing tools to accelerate research by enabling users to build and leverage their internal knowledge alongside commercial libraries.