With the addition of Stanford, 20 universities have now entered into an Institutional Arrangement with PeerJ

    PeerJ (the award winning open access publisher of both PeerJ PrePrints and PeerJ) is pleased to announce that with the addition of Stanford University, twenty universities have now signed up to provide PeerJ Publication Plans to their faculty. Authors from these institutions will have their publication plans automatically paid for them, using funds centrally provided by their library.

    In addition to these 20 universities, numerous others have committed to supporting Open Access charges in some form and many of them also have public pages on PeerJ.

    Peter Binfield, Co-Founder of PeerJ said that “as we approach the one year anniversary of having published our first articles, a milestone which we celebrate tomorrow, it is a great sign that so many world class institutions appreciate the PeerJ model to the extent that they have chosen to support their researchers in this way”.

    For the price of just one year of access to just one subscription journal (or a single open access publication fee at many other publishers) universities can fund the lifetime publication plans for a large number of their faculty.

    The current universities with a PeerJ arrangement are:

    Arizona State University
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Colorado State University
    Duke University
    Emory University
    Kansas University
    Nottingham University
    Oregon State University
    Stanford University
    Texas A&M University
    Trinity University
    University College London
    University of Arizona
    University of Birmingham
    University of California Berkeley
    University of Cambridge
    University of Glasgow
    University of Manitoba
    University of New Mexico
    University of Newfoundland

    More information, including Case Studies from several of these institutions can be found at https://peerj.com/edu. Any university which is interested in a similar arrangement can email PeerJ at info@peerj.com