Ziotag Appoints Three Tech Industry Leaders to Advisory Board

Tech experts Esther Dyson, Tommy Doyle and Graham Morehead will provide guidance for to the rapidly growing AI video player company

​Ziotag Inc., an artificial intelligence-powered video player, today announces that Esther Dyson, Tommy Doyle, and Graham Morehead will be joining its newly created Advisory Board. The industry experts will bring their years of experience to the company’s operations, as well as offer day-to-day guidance that accelerates the company’s growth.

Ziotag Inc. is a pioneering New York startup, specializing in improving video search and navigation capabilities. The platform leverages AI and semantic web technology to automatically tag and classify content for any video or audio file, and then create intelligible chapters and sections identified with “Ziotags.” The isolated islands of video information are made more shareable, reusable and, most importantly, discoverable and accessible.

This unique technology can be applied to millions of hours of video footage – including Zoom calls, all types of virtual events, team and investor presentations, conferences, and webinars – to search, navigate, share and consume desired content faster and more efficiently.

Joining the Advisory Board, Esther Dyson, Executive Founder of Wellville, is an entrepreneur and investor focused on emerging market companies with breakthrough technologies. Dyson is currently a board member for several companies, including Medesk, Pressreader, SWVL, and Yandex, and has been an early investor in startups such as Ziotag, 23andMe, EPAM, Evernote, Flickr, Mashery, Omada Health, and Square.

Dyson says she was drawn to Ziotag for its exceptional AI capabilities: “I was really impressed by Ziotag’s AI-powered ‘Actionable Table of Contents’ and fully searchable transcript. It allows me to see what the video includes and, as a content consumer, I can easily find the parts that are most relevant and important to me.”

Tommy Doyle is a seasoned executive from the information technology services and STM publishing industries. He has held executive positions at market-leading companies EBSCO Information Services and Elsevier.

Speaking about Ziotag, Doyle says, “Millions of hours of new video content are being created every day and this new application has made them searchable and navigable to the benefit of the information industry, as well as the average user. I am excited to contribute to Ziotag’s mission to transform video consumption.”

Graham Morehead, founder of two startup companies, is an expert in AI and a specialist in computational linguistics. Morehead has been working on AI systems since the 1990s and is now Principal Research Scientist with Aon.

“I believe that Ziotag’s AI development is innovative in its unique capability to extract meaning from video,” says Morehead. “I am excited to contribute to the further development of the company’s business.”

Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag CEO and co-founder, adds, “Having industry veterans like Esther, Tommy and Graham on our advisory board validates our vision and lays the groundwork for continuing our rapid, significant growth.”