Clarivate Enhances Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence with New Site Selection Analytics

Clinical trial planning platform enables researchers to pinpoint best sites to support trial protocols and patient recruitment needs

Clarivate Analytics Plc a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, today announced that Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence™ has been enhanced with new site selection analytics. Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is a powerful and user-friendly resource to plan clinical trials, helping to accelerate clinical trial development decisions, select trial sites, inform portfolio strategy and provide key competitive intelligence.

The enhanced solution allows clinical development and operations professionals to make more confident decisions around trial design, site selection and validation with a single point of access to continuously updated and curated protocol, biomarker, patient segmentation, endpoint, and site data. Clinical operations professionals can better position trials for success leveraging intuitive analytics, simple search capabilities, targeted data filters and content indexing. In addition, Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is designed to seamlessly integrate with the broader Cortellis suite of life science solutions to enable data-driven decisions across the entire development and commercialization lifecycle.

Keith Collier, Vice President of Product Management, Clarivate said: “There is significant risk and complexity in planning a successful clinical trial. Clinical operations teams are tasked with evaluating and selecting experienced and reliable sites to fully recruit patients and support overall trial success. They risk spending significant time and money working with sites that can’t deliver. The new sites content in Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence addresses those challenges, helps to reduce the risks and enables more confident clinical planning decisions – all within a single source of comprehensive clinical development and operations data. These enhancements coupled with the granular clinical design and protocol information – including patient segmentation, biomarker validation, endpoint selection, and more – allow clinical professionals to position studies for greater success from Day 1.

According to The Centre for Medicines Research (CMR) International, nearly 58% of total R&D expenditure is spent on clinical testing. The average time it takes to initiate 100% of sites involved in a Phase III trial is 348 days. Throughout all trial phases (I-III), 53% of trial protocols needed to be amended after initiation and 26% of Phase III trials involved at least one site that enrolled low numbers of patients – two or less. These dynamics reinforce the challenges faced by trial sponsors to identify patients, recruit patients to experienced sites and pair them with appropriate investigators. All of this points to the need for more efficient clinical trial planning to increase chances of trial success – ultimately getting treatments to patients as quickly as possible.

Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is comprised of data spanning 380,000+ clinical trials, 2,900+ diseases, 35+ clinical trial registries, 2.6M+ literature citations, 84K+ conference presentations, 425,000+ press releases, and more. Additional analytics and content – including the integration of epidemiology data – will continue to be added throughout 2020 and beyond to further aid clinical operations with investigator identification and provide accurate incidence and prevalence data to help clinical professionals select the right countries for trials.

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