EBSCO Modernizes Publication Discovery with Full-Text Finder™

EBSCO Information Service (EBSCO) continues to modernize publication discovery with the introduction of Full-Text Finder (FTF). Available to all EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) customers with their subscription, and as a stand-alone application to non-subscribers, Full-Text Finder delivers the intuitive, time-saving experience when searching for journals, e-books and articles, and managing the library’s holdings.

Full-Text Finder features an integrated workflow solution that includes a state-of-the-art publication search service and vendor-neutral link resolver, along with a knowledge base and streamlined Holdings and Link Management™ (HLM). A part of EBSCOadmin™, HLM allows library administrators to save time with integrated auto-population of holdings; auto-complete to readily identify and find resources; and a multitude of workflow enhancements.

FTF is the culmination of extensive research and development to identify library and end-user needs, understand user habits, and deliver a modern experience to find journals and manage holdings. EBSCO built FTF from the ground up as the natural progression of the EBSCO experience with EBSCO A-to-Z™ and LinkSource™, which have been the familiar publication browse and link resolver respectively focused on journals and journal content. The proliferation of more than a million eBooks and the growth to thousands of journal packages and full-text databases required a new approach to handle the massive volume of content while meeting the expectations of today’s users.

The features of Full-Text Finder that improve the end user experience include:

  • Seamless Discovery Integration – A single place for users to conduct standard discovery as well as known-item citation lookup in a seamless and integrated manner. Users no longer go to one place for A-Z and another for discovery.
  • Responsive Auto-Complete – The most advanced auto-complete technology in the industry. FTF anticipates what a user is looking for, eliminates the need to navigate through an antiquated alphabet directory, and does away with the endless hunt-and-peck browsing to find a specific title. This makes FTF orders of magnitude faster and more efficient for library users.
  • Publication-Targeted Full Text Search – The ability for users to quickly and easily target their search to the full text within a title. No other A -Z product in the industry provides this functionality.
  • Discipline-Specific Browse – A simplified subject browse with built-in searching, eliminating the point at which most users traditionally give up when trying to find titles related to a particular topic.
  • State-of-the-Art Linking – Seamless integration of OpenURL linking and SmartLinks that are guaranteed to get users directly to the full text without traditional linker menus.
  • Faceting of Publication Search Results – The ability for users to quickly narrow search results to only those that are most relevant.

Full-Text Finder is being released to existing customers of EBSCO A-to-Z and LinkSource in phases to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service during the migration period. To learn more about the benefits of Full-Text Finder, visit http://www.ebscohost.com/discovery.