Hindawi Limited Launches Open-Source Peer Review System Built on the PubSweet Framework

Hindawi Limited is pleased to announce the launch of a new peer review platform built using the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation’s (Coko) open source PubSweet framework.

This is the first complete open-source peer review system to come out of the Coko community, a group of like-minded organizations, including eLife, the European Bioinformatics Institute, and the University of California Press, keen on working collaboratively towards the advancement of openness in scholarly communications software.

“The xPub project is breaking new ground as a community-built open source solution for scholarly communication,” said Kristen Ratan, co-founder of Coko. “Hindawi is leading the way with this launch less than a year from starting our partnership.”

Hindawi’s system is launching on the open access journal Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications. The new system will power a traditional editorial workflow, led by new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Francesco Paolo Fanizzi. Gathering feedback from editors, reviewers, and authors, Hindawi plans to extend the system to serve multiple journals running several editorial models.

Given the open source nature of the platform, other publishers, societies, and institutions will be free to reuse the software and adapt the system to new uses.

Hindawi Limited’s Director of Product and Technology, Andrew Smeall, commented: “We are proud to be contributing a piece of open infrastructure back to the research community. We’re excited to continue extending the system ourselves and to see how others in the community adapt it for their needs.”

Hindawi shared additional details about the system and the decision to support open source in a post on the company blog.

About Hindawi Limited

Hindawi Limited is one of the world’s largest open access publishers providing authors with an expansive portfolio of journals each built to fit the targeted communities they serve.

Driven by a mission to advance openness in research, we work with other publishers and institutions to move towards a more open scholarly ecosystem by supporting the development of open source publishing infrastructure.

For additional information about Hindawi Limited, see hindawi.com. To find out more about this new peer review system, email us at technology@hindawi.com and connect with us on Twitter.