How to Build a Data Driven Publishing Organization


Chair: Freddie Quek, Group Head of Software, The Collinson Group and Research Associate, Henley Business School

Scholarly publishing is becoming more complicated and things are changing at an unprecedented rate. In order to keep ahead of, or at least up with the curve, many publishers are turning to customer data and data about content to provide business intelligence and support decision making. So, what does a data driven publishing organization look like and why should you be one? This seminar will provide detailed information and case studies on how to apply data about users, subscribers, authors and institutions to drive decisions. Key insights will cover using data to inform what to publish, product development, user experience, sales and marketing, audience outreach and more

THEME: Uncovering the Potential in Your Data/Content
John Morton, Chairman of the Board, Zapaygo, Interim CTO/CDO/CIO, Big Data Advisor, former CTO of SAS, What’s the Big Deal with Data and Analytics?
David Leeming, Publishing Consultant, 67 Bricks
Unlock the Value of Your Content! How Publishers can use Content Enrichment, AI and Machine Learning to Become Data-driven Organizations.

THEME: How to Get Going

Ove Kähler, Director, Program Management and Global Distribution, Brill and Lauren Danahy, Team Leader, Applications and Data, How to Form Your Data Team
David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, IET, Small Data for Big Results: Where do you start? What data to start with? What decisions to make? 

THEME: Mini Case Studies on How Decisions are Made
Graeme Doswell, Head of Global Circulation, Sage Publishing, How Publishers Use Data to Make Decisions for Running the business
Iain Craig, Director Strategic Market Analysis, Wiley. How publishers use data to make decisions for changing the business

THEME: Learning from Outside Scholarly Publishing, Case Studies

Hasan Usmani, Account Manager, AWS

Collinson Group, the Vendor Perspective

THEME: How to Decide Between Build vs Buy: Panel Discussion

John Morton, Chairman of the Board, Zapaygo, Interim CTO/CDO/CIO, Big Data Advisor, former CTO of SAS
Hasan Usmani, Account Manager, AWS
David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, IET

Closing remarks from the Chair  

Drinks and networking


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