IOP Publishing announces its new journal, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence

IOP Publishing (IOP) has announced the launch of a new journal, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. This brings IOP’s existing journals portfolio to 69 titles.

An electronic-only journal, Methods and Applications in Fluorescence will cover developments in fluorescence spectroscopy, imaging, fluorescent probes, labels and materials. It will focus on both methods and advanced applications and will accept original research articles, review articles and technical notes. The journal aims to be the natural forum for the very highest quality papers in the field.

Alongside the Editorial Board, three Editors-in-Chief will direct Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, in order to successfully cover the broad scope of the journal. The Editors-in-Chief are:

– Professor David Birch, University of Strathclyde, UK, who is also Editor-in-Chief of IOP’s journal Measurement Science & Technology.

– Professor Yves Mély, University of Strasbourg, France, who is also the Chair of the “Methods and Applications of Fluorescence: Spectroscopy, Imaging & Probes” conference Permanent Steering Committee.

– Professor Otto S Wolfbeis, University of Regensburg, Germany, who is also an Editor of Angewandte Chemie and founder of the “Methods and Applications of Fluorescence: Spectroscopy, Imaging & Probes” conference.

Speaking on behalf of all three Editors-in-Chief, Professor Birch said, “Methods and Applications in Fluorescence is a journal for the whole fluorescence community. Our aim is for the new journal to reflect the truly global and diverse impact fluorescence is having and help take fluorescence and its applications to even greater heights.”

Professor Birch added, “The applications of fluorescence to emerging areas in bionanotechnology, nanotechnology and nanomedicine are very much part of the vision for the journal. The success of the journal depends on all of us in the field and we look forward to working with researchers, as well as IOP Publishing in this exciting project.”

Dr Nicola Gulley, Editorial Director of IOP Publishing said of the launch, “Methods and Applications in Fluorescence will provide a new channel for members of the fluorescence community to discover and share research. We are delighted to be launching this new journal with the Editorial Board who are all experts within the fluorescence field. The journal is a complementary addition to IOP’s existing journals portfolio.”

IOP will manage the peer-review process in conjunction with the journal’s Editorial Board, as well as take responsibility for the production, sales and marketing of the journal. It will be published quarterly and will be freely available online until the end of 2013.

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence is currently open for submission of papers. For more information about the journal, go to