Kudos integrates with Europe PMC for enhanced discovery of research publications

Kudos (www.growkudos.com), the award-winning service for maximizing the reach and impact of research publications, has completed an integration with Europe PMC.

Kudos provides tools to researchers to explain their work through writing plain language descriptions for their research publications. They can then legitimately share links to to their articles, books and book chapters by email, in blogs and across multiple social media and academic networking sites – tracking the resulting impact against a range of metrics.

The integration with Europe PMC means that authors’ plain language descriptions of their work on Kudos are now indexed and linked to from article abstracts held in the Europe PMC repository. Over 6,000 articles on Europe PMC have now been enhanced with this additional metadata from Kudos – assisting discoverability of technical content by a broad audience. An example of a Taylor & Francis article can be seen at: http://europepmc.org/abstract/MED/26118822 (click on ‘external links’ to view).

“We’re really excited to have completed this new integration with a discovery platform,” said David Sommer, Product Director and cofounder at Kudos. “We already make this data available to publisher partners to host on their sites, but are keen to work with other partners to assist with its dissemination. It’s amazing how a short description of what an article is about and why it’s important helps bring technical information alive – making it much easier for readers to quickly find information of interest to them, within and outside their specialty areas.”

“When Kudos approached us and explained what their service offered to researchers, we were keen to make this additional content available through Europe PMC,” added Philip Rossiter, Europe PMC Project Manager. “We’re always looking for ways to assist researchers with finding relevant information. The simple descriptive text that authors add to explain their work on Kudos really helps people quickly understand what an article is all about, particularly if English isn’t their first language. “

Kudos is currently in discussions with a range of partners for additional dissemination of this author-generated content, which links back to articles hosted on publishers’ websites. “It’s our vision to create a new discovery layer for academic content,” added Melinda Kenneway, Executive Director at Kudos. “We are looking to work not only with specialist academic discovery services, but also media sites, charities and other public-facing sites – helping engage a broader audience with the research process and publications.”