SAGE waives Article Processing Charges for COVID-19 research

SAGE Publishing announces that it will publish open access any accepted research that is relevant to the treatment, transmission, cure, or social impact of COVID-19 without requiring article processing charges (APCs). Additionally, SAGE will fast track these papers for rapid publication and dissemination. 

“SAGE aims to support the medical community in its efforts to prevent, detect, and treat COVID-19 as well as social and behavioral scientists as they assess the impact of the pandemic on society and propose solutions for individuals, communities, and governments,” commented Bob Howard, Senior Vice President of Research at SAGE Publishing. “We believe firmly that the efforts of the research community will be critical to addressing our current challenges and are committed to supporting researchers as we navigate this difficult time.” 

Waived APCs will last for the duration of the crisis. To request to waive an APC, researchers can either contact the journal’s editorial office upon submission or email upon article acceptance. 

SAGE recently launched a freely accessible research collection of medical and SBS research relating to COVID-19 and pandemics and has signed and committed to the Wellcome coordinated statement on sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak

Additionally, the company has made several resources available to support instructors and students as they make the transition to online teaching and learning. 

SAGE’s recent statement on COVID-19 details the publisher’s various initiatives and efforts.