The European Mathematical Society Publishing House is growing and moving to Berlin

The new EMS Publishing House leadership team comes with broad and innovative publishing experience and will focus on community and Open Access publishing. 

The European Mathematical Society Publishing House has a long-standing publishing tradition and is dedicated to the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed journals and books, on all academic levels and in all fields of mathematics and mathematical physics. After many successful years of publishing from Zürich, the publisher is now moving to Berlin. Its headquarters will be located in the TU Berlin mathematics building and will be headed by André Gaul (CEO) and Vera Spillner (Editorial Director). André Gaul is a mathematician and the founder of PaperHive, an online coworking hub for researchers. Vera Spillner is a mathematical physicist and has many years of publishing experience in publishing houses such as Springer Spektrum, and as a journalist for the FAZ. 

“We are looking forward to leading the valuable content into the future of publishing and to create new publishing opportunities for the mathematical community”, says André Gaul. Vera Spillner adds: “We believe in the right of authors to achieve easily accessible distribution of their work and we are looking forward to further following this premise in the future”. 

“I am happy to see the European Mathematical Society Publishing House and our authors getting this chance to grow further into the world of modern publishing”, says retiring Managing Director Thomas Hintermann, who has headed the business in the past, “and I wish the new leadership team and the mathematical community the very best of success.”

Community and Open Access publishing will be the focus of the future EMS Publishing House. Follow latest developments and read more on:

The European Mathematical Society (EMS) is a European organization dedicated to the development of mathematics in Europe. Its members are different mathematical societies in Europe, academic institutions and individual mathematicians. The EMS supports mathematics, mathematicians and adjoint research areas and researchers throughout Europe. It publishes research, organizes and sponsors scientific programs, provides extensive information on scientific activities and awards prestigious prizes, such as the Felix Klein Prize or the Otto Neugebauer Prize. The current president is Volker Mehrmann, Professor at the Institute for Mathematics of the TU Berlin.