World Scientific Publishing adopts DataSalon’s MasterVision for complete customer insight

    World Scientific announced today that they have adopted DataSalon’s MasterVision service in order to gain a better understanding of their customer base and to further develop their business. MasterVision gives World Scientific a complete ‘single customer view’ of all their customers and contacts, incorporating subscribers, authors, books, article sales, usage and denials. This ‘single customer view’ means that all of this valuable customer information is now easy to interrogate, and accessible to a wide range of staff from different departments and locations – so providing better workflows and greater efficiency.

    World Scientific staff will use the new insights provided by MasterVision to increase revenues in several different ways: upselling and cross-selling related publications; focused renewal activities based on consolidated subscription data; identification of strong new prospects by demonstrating unmet demand for World Scientific content based on denials and editorial activity; and helping libraries to make informed and evidence-based purchasing decisions. In addition to an extremely friendly interface for searching, analysing and exporting customer data, MasterVision also provides a range of reports enabling staff to explore and visualise their customers in a variety of different ways. Management dashboards are included, combining charts and tables into a single view to provide one-click access to essential statistics and trends.

    “World Scientific is delighted to be working with DataSalon”, commented Ken Lillywhite, Journal Director. “We have licensed MasterVision to give us a clearer understanding of the relationships between our individual customers and their institutions. We expect MasterVision to provide extremely valuable insight to enable us to carry out more targeted sales and marketing campaigns.” “We’re very pleased to be working with World Scientific Publishing”, said Nick Andrews, Managing Director at DataSalon. “It’s great to be able to provide a single customer view so that they can clearly model their customer relationships. This single view of World Scientific’s data, combined with MasterVision’s fast and friendly analysis tools, means that World Scientific can further strengthen their position both in the Asia-Pacific region and in new markets internationally.”