Anke Beck appointed to German Council for Information Infrastructure

IntechOpen’s CEO, Dr. Anke Beck this week attends the German Council for Information Infrastructure (RFii ) as a new Council member.  By order of the Council of Science and Humanities (Gemeinsamer Wissenschaftsrats) the group of experts is tasked to advise Politics and Academia how to establish and develop the information infrastructures for academia and to formulate German positions in this area.

The Council for Information Infrastructure has operated since 2014 and is now in its second phase. In the next four years, the Council aims to improve the information infrastructures and to support the development and communication of German positions in European and international debates.

Dr Beck has strong experience in academic publishing and is newly CEO of IntechOpen, a born digital open access publisher. Dr Beck attends the meeting as one of 24 members who were appointed by the Joint Science Conference of the Federal States for a term of four years. They constitute a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, roles and institutions.

Anke Beck says: “It is a great honour to be a part of the German Council for Information Infrastructure and to participate in such a crucial debate about how we want research data to be managed now and in the future.”

The meeting in Berlin on 22 November addresses the topics quality of data in academic research; digital competence, new fields of employment  and the recent announcement of the German government to establish a national research data infrastructure in Germany (NFDI) . The immediate achievement of the first phase of the council´s work is an allocation of up to €90 Mio for this purpose.  Now the council will further explore shared strategies on the international level.