ConTech Forum 21st June, London: the next technological revolution is here, be part of...

“AI is the ultimate competitive advantage. If you are not implementing it right now it’s not just that you’ll be years behind I would venture to say there are some companies that in 10 years’ time may not exist without these technologies” Michael Puscar – Oiga Technologies, speaking at ConTech 2018.

ConTech Live. Full calendar of events for 2019 now up.

A full programme of ConTech Live events for 2019 has now been launched. The inaugural ConTech event last November, the conversations since, and the need in this space has led to the creation of some exciting new events for 2019.

ConTech Forum: where conversations continue, and the future is shaped!

The ConTech Forum opened for registration just two weeks ago with complimentary tickets being offered to speakers and delegates who attended ConTech 2018.

ConTech 2018 opener Andrew Burgess is creating a huge buzz with his keynote “Starting...

Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember? “I’ll be explaining what AI...

ALPSP – Acquiring and Selling Publishing Assets

Aimed at business leaders and senior editorial staff, this small, focused briefing is a rare opportunity to get valuable insight and advice from lawyers and brokers working on publishing acquisitions

ConTech 2018 is open for business in just two months from now – catch...

The world of publishing has been forged from two great waves of technology - the invention of the printing press and the creation of the internet. Those who attend ConTech 2018 will get to grips with the next, third wave of technology that is already revolutionising the world of publishing.

ConTech 2018 announces major new collaboration with DataBeers.

ConTech 2018 is thrilled to announce that the next DataBeers London event will be taking place this November in partnership with our conference. DataBeers is...

ConTech 2018 announces opening keynote speaker.

Starting Your AI Journey. "Andrew takes a pragmatic and hype-free approach to explain artificial intelligence and how it can be utilised by businesses today. Andrew will introduce his AI Framework which describes in non-technical language the eight core capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data driven product demos are a key part of the ConTech 2018 agenda

The world of content is being transformed through data science, A.I. and other emerging technologies. These changes bring both threat and opportunity and a key part of the ConTech 2018 mission is to put a spotlight on this.

ConTech 2018 is just four months away

ConTech 2018 is just four months away. Where are we so far? Our conference programme is almost complete with just a couple of sessions and keynotes to be finalised. Interest continues to run high and the global conference delegation is growing daily.

Global Product Partnerships at Google to present at ConTech 2018

Alice Zimmermann, Global Product Partnerships at Google will be speaking and taking part in a panel session at ConTech 2018, taking place at Chelsea Harbour Hotel from 29th – 30th November.

ConTech 2018 – First 20 speakers announced

With the first 20 speakers now announced for our 2018 event, which runs from the 29th to 30th November, the line-up brings together the movers and shakers from the worlds of content, data science and AI. Publishers, Content Strategists, Information Professionals, Technologists, Academics and Scientists from start- ups to market leading organisations from across the globe are part of the programme.