Chinese Chemical Society launches flagship journal – CCS Chemistry

The Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) is launching its flagship journal, CCS Chemistry, dedicated to serving the global chemistry community. This is the first journal fully owned and published by CCS, one of China’s highly-respected scientific societies. The journal’s mission is to provide chemists with access to a highly-selective collection of transformative global research from all areas of chemistry. Fewer than 200 articles will be published per year. To increase dissemination, visibility, and opportunities for collaboration and growth in the field, the journal will be Diamond Open Access – free to read AND free to publish – with no fees to subscribe or submit. The journal is open for submissions and the inaugural articles are now available online at

Profs. Jiannian Yao, President of CCS, and Xi Zhang, President of Jilin University, both highly respected chemists and leaders in their fields, will serve as the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor-in-Chief, respectively, of the new journal. They have assembled an international team of expert researchers to serve as Associate Editors to guide the curation of this high-quality publication. An Editorial Board of well-established and experienced international researchers has also been chosen and reflect the diversity of research community the journal will serve.

“We are proud to offer CCS Chemistry as a place for chemists worldwide to publish their very best research in a journal that is both free to read and to publish,” said Prof. Zhang, CCS Chemistry Executive Editor-in-Chief . “The goal of our flagship journal is to encourage and advance the dissemination of research worldwide and to strengthen the lines of scientific communication between China and the rest of the world. As the field of chemistry evolves, CCS Chemistry will work to develop the broadest possible research community, helping to initiate discussions beyond traditional boundaries and increase the pace of discovery.”

In addition to its status as the flagship journal of the CCS, the new journal signals the start of the society’s publishing program, CCS Publishing, with plans to strategically develop titles that will serve the international community and continue its mission to advance the field.

“The CCS has long been a trusted partner in the chemistry community, representing over 60,000 chemists and collaborating with some of the world’s leading chemical societies to promote research and discovery,” said Jiannian Yao, CCS President and CCS Chemistry Editor-in-Chief. “We are eager to now expand our efforts by launching our own publishing program focused on sharing the most important and impactful findings in chemistry throughout the world.”

To help ensure the broadest reach and quality online experience, CCS has partnered with Atypon to both design the website via the Atypon Design Studio and host the journal on the state-of-the-art Literatum online publishing platform. CCS has also strategically partnered with other leading publishing providers, including ScholarOne Manuscripts for the journal’s submissions and peer review system, to ensure that authors and readers encounter a familiar and first-class user experience with CCS Publishing.

“CCS is making a strong effort to build a publishing program that will establish a unique connection between institutions and chemists in China and around the world,” said Donna Minton, CCS Director of Publications. “CCS Chemistry is a great start for the program because it showcases the society’s commitment to the global chemistry community by combining a high-quality and completely open access publication venue with excellent author services.”

CCS welcomes submissions via the journal’s submission and peer review website at Visit the journal homepage at for additional information about the journal and to sign up for e-alerts.