Patent reinforces innovation of Digi-EXPress® and Digi-Rights® automated processes and services as a means for automating permissions, negotiating licenses,
e-commerce transactions, monetizing rights and mitigating copyright risks

Digi-EXPress®, LLC, a leading provider of Global Automated Rights Solutions, announced today it has been issued Patent No. 8,438,113, on May 7, 2013, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled: “Automated Digital Express Gateway for Licensing and Acquiring Rights & Permissions for 3rd Party Copyrighted Content.”

The patent titled: “Automated Digital Express Gateway for Licensing and Acquiring Rights & Permissions for 3rd Party Copyrighted Content” covers a computerized method to buy and sell rights via the internet or electronic network, comprising real-time or batch processing of rights, transforming rights semantics and expressions to and from a common Digital Rights Definition Language and automatically processing transactions for 3rd party licenses of copyrighted content.

The patented technologies are embedded within Digi-EXPress® Software… a suite of cloud-based solutions for Global Automated Rights and Permissions… now being licensed by leading global publishers and also available to self-publishers.

“As the inventor of an automated rights and permissions transformation process, the issuance of this patent reinforces the value of Digi-EXPress Rights Management Software… a cloud-based e-commerce solution to Automate Licensing and Acquiring Rights & Permissions for 3rd party copyrighted content,” said Dick Stahl, Managing Director of Digi-EXPress LLC.

“As the publishing industry innovates and shifts from print to digital formats, each sale is in fact an Intellectual Property Rights transaction.  To stay competitive, publishers need to deploy new ‘ready-made’ solutions, like Digi-EXPress® to stay competitive, eliminate inefficient and labor-intensive tasks, and speed new products to market faster,” continues Stahl.

“Digi’s patented technology enables publishers, small presses and independent self-publishers to buy and sell licenses for copyrighted content rapidly and efficiently using automated processes, while also enabling publishers to exercise oversight and monetary control over the rights they own and the rights they license enterprise-wide,” said Robert Kasher, Rights Industry Consultant.

By using ‘best practice’ patented methods within Digi-EXPress, content creators, editors and publishers can be assured of reliably identifying rights, interpreting rights and restrictions, and monetizing rights for use in specific media formats, languages, territories and editions – regardless of location or language.  This is the missing link to help mitigate copyright risks and to provide assurance to authors that they are receiving royalties due; and assurance to publishers that products are published in compliance with the rights and restrictions granted.