Elsevier Launches New Journal: Energy Strategy Reviews

    Elsevier, today announced the launch of Energy Strategy Reviews, a new quarterly, peer-reviewed journal focusing on energy strategy, planning and decision making.

    Energy Strategy Reviews stimulates the exchange of knowledge and best practice needed to optimize future energy choices. The journal highlights strategy implications of major energy system models and encourages discussion on what differentiates successful from the less successful energy mix strategies. It publishes analyses, case studies and report reviews, linking technical, scientific, and societal aspects of energy strategy. Energy Strategy Reviews aims to spark the interest of all those concerned with developing sustainable energy solutions, including experts working in government, research organizations, academia, international agencies, NGOs, companies, and consultancies.

    “We must engineer our escape from the Malthusian doom scenario by finding new energy solutions,” said Dr. Ruud Weijermars, Editor-in-Chief of Energy Strategy Reviews. “The challenge is to improve not only our energy system models, but also achieve alignment of leading decision-makers on optimum strategy choices for our future energy systems. Energy Strategy Reviews aims to capture and disseminate human ingenuity to develop sustainable energy supply solutions.”

    Henri van Dorssen, Executive Publisher at Elsevier added, “Energy Strategy Reviews will complement Elsevier’s existing technical journals by offering authoritative, high-level strategy content and analyses from across the energy spectrum, including government, international agencies, and corporations. We are delighted that the first issue of the new journal will contain an article by Peter Voser, CEO of Shell.”